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Lauréate Premiers romans anglophones : "Becoming Liz Taylor" d'Elizabeth Delo

Elizabeth Delo

"Becoming Liz Taylor"

Présentation d'Elizabeth Delo et de son premier roman par Mathias (2nd2)

The « Premier Roman » Festival is a meeting between the readers and the authors who wrote their first novel. These authors are the winners of a vote made by the readers to select the first novels’ authors.

One of these laureates, Elizabeth Delo, is a woman of letters. In fact, after completing a Degree in French at London, she worked as a teacher in various European cities. After 2020, while completing a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, she wrote her first novel, “Becoming Liz Taylors, which we will introduce now.

The plot of this novel takes place in Weston-Super-Mare, where a widow named Val feels loneliness and sadness because of her life and situation. To cope with these emotions, she dresses as Elizabeth Taylor in the evenings. But, one day, she walks away with an unattended baby on the seafront, changing completely her life.

The main character, Val, faces sadness because of the loss she experienced. But, the fact that she dresses as Elizabeth Taylor seems to reduce her sadness as she imagines herself as a movie star. While smearing coral on her lips and colouring the arches of her brows with a coal pencil, she imagines her potential beauty. Lighting then a cigarette with her gloved fingers, she went downstairs in her heels while holding onto the banister rail, imagining herself at this Oscar’s. All of this allowed Val to feel a little bit better.